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AGTRAN has been known since 2014. It offers self-driving car and car rental services. The company provides more efficient and efficient services to meet the needs and demands of the Government, Corporate, Business Companies and Statutory Bodies.

At AGTRAN, we service everyone, from every walk of life. Businessmen and women who travel for work, parents with school-going children, and students. We understand that people will require vehicles for different purposes, which is why our services are varied according to what our customers are looking for. Are you going to a work function with your team of ten members? Do you need a vehicle for a few days while yours is in the shop? Agtran has something for everyone, including:

  • Cheap car hire
  • MPV hire
  • Bus hire
  • Van hire – 12 & 15-seater
  • Mid – Full-size mpv hire
  • And more!

You can refer the price below :

Viva Auto 1.0 RM110 RM70 RM12
Axia Auto 1.0 RM130 RM80 RM12
Myvi Auto 1.3 RM140 RM80 RM12
Saga FLX Auto 1.3 RM140 RM80 RM12
Myvi SE Auto 1.5 RM160 RM100 RM14
Bezza Auto 1.3 X RM160 RM100 RM14
Saga VVT Auto 1.3 RM160 RM120 RM14
Alza Auto 1.5 RM200 RM120 RM14
Alphard Auto 2.4 (V) RM700 RM400 RM35
Velfire Auto 2.5 RM800 RM400 RM50
Van (10 Seater) – Manual RM400
Van (14 Seater) – Manual RM500
Bus (40 Seater) RM1500

Vans and buses have no half-day rentals or after-hours rentals. Minimum rental for vans and buses is at least 1 day. You have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of promotions from us if your rent is longer than one day.

Agtran customer

Why Choose Us?

1) When you work with a service provider, you expect good service, but with Agtran, we’re better. We have committed to treating each customer as a priority. We don’t do a one-size-fits-all service. We hear your requirements, and provide a solution that fits perfectly to you, your needs and your budget. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices, as well as our helpful and friendly service.

Agtran car at car wash

2) All of our vehicles are serviced and maintained regularly so that you have access to only the best. If your car breaks down due to negligence on our part, not only do we solve the problem and replace your vehicle, but we also have a money-back guarantee. A free roadside assistance program covers all of our cars, so we’ll be there in your time of need, even if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Pick up customers at airport

3) We also provide free courtesy pick-ups include at airport. When you need assistance, call Agtran. We have a significant selection of well-maintained, high-quality rentals at an affordable price just waiting for you! With our cheap vehicle rental and friendly service, you won’t want to rent a car from anyone else. Call us today!

Our staffs are happy to pick you up and deliver vehicles for you. If renting from an airport location. Get booked via Whatsapp or call us right away for questions! Or just call now

Get in touch with us now through FACEBOOK!

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