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Do you need a car in Kelantan? You don’t know where you can find a rental car in Kota Bharu Airport area? Now we have the solution! Agtran is a trusted car rental service in Kelantan, with affordable prices and reasonable with your budget. Now you don’t even need to worry to rent a car with us. 

Agtran has a variety of cars model include with reasonable prices for customers. Do you dream of a clean car? A car that has a standard or high quality? Well-maintained car? Well, we ensure can fulfil your wish! Agtran is one of the trusted companies because the convenience of the customer is our priority. 

 Delivery and pick-up car in Kota Bharu airport 

Agtran has provided delivery and pick-up cars at Kota Bharu Airport for free as a special service to our customers. As soon as you arrive at the airport, the rental car already available and waiting for you. We provide a high-quality car which is we put special care on each of our cars, always clean, and passed the quality check before we hand the car to the customers. 


kereta sewa kota bharu airport

Axia auto cars are one of the cars that most fuel-efficient cars. Axia is great car for the customers to use it in the city. Do you want to know the details of the Axia car model? You may click this link AXIA (source: Perodua) 

Do you want a car different than the Axia? For instance, Myvi, bezza, and Velfire? Don’t worry we offer a lot of car models and we also provide van and bus. You just need to click Car Rental List 2020 | Agtran  to see the list of cars and the price offer. 

Why do you need to choose Agtran car rental at Kota Bharu Airport? 

  • No delivery or pick-up charges be made 
  • Cheap and affordable. 
  • Provide a car rental service with a driver(chauffeur). 
  • Well-maintained cars to ensure customers’ safety. 
  • Outstanding services for customers. 
  • A variety of car models are available for customers. 

Interested in booking a rental car at Kota Bharu Airport? 

To know more on how to book with us, please refer to this link: Book a Car 


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