Car Rental Velfire Kuantan Pahang

Car rental velfire Kuantan Pahang

First time vacation to the capital of Pahang? Surely what is often a suggestion in your mind about interesting places in Kuantan is Teluk Cempedak, Tanjung Lumpur and Pantai Cherating right? In fact, there are many more interesting destinations in Kuantan that you can explore for a family vacation. The attractive beaches in Kuantan are not only 2, but more than 4 interesting beach destinations. All these ideal areas can be visited with loved ones with the Kuantan Pahang Velfire Rental Car.

We have various car rental branches in Kuantan Pahang. With the branch we have now, we can pick up and drop off our customers anytime and anywhere in the Pahang area that you want.

Various car rental options

We have various types of rental car models for you to choose from. Do you bring a family member or a member of a large group? Because you can try to rent a 6 seater MPV rental car. The MPV rental car that we provide for you is a Velfire so that you get optimal comfort while going on vacation with your loved ones.

Car Rental Velfire Kuantan Pahang

Also, if you want more space or seats, you can rent a van or bus as we also provide it for you. For more information, you can click this link Car rental list | Agtran for a list of our rental vehicles. The following is a list of prices by rental time.

Car Model Price (RM)    
  Daily Half Day Per Hour
Viva Auto 1.0 RM115 RM75 RM10
Axia Auto 1.0 RM125 RM85 RM10
Myvi Auto 1.3 RM135 RM85 RM10
Saga FLX Auto 1.3 RM160 RM110 RM12
Bezza Auto 1.3 X RM155 RM110 RM12
Alza Auto 1.5 RM205 RM125 RM12
Alphard Auto 2.4 (V) RM700 RM400 RM35
Velfire Auto 2.5 RM800 RM400 RM50
Van (10 Seater) – Manual RM400
Van (14 Seater) – Manual RM500
Bas (40 Seater) RM1500

Advantages with our MPV rental car 

  • MPV provided by us well serviced

We check our MPV car periodically to maintain safety for our customers. Your safety is our priority

  • Our MPV is also clean and fragrant

Our MPV cars are always clean for you. They not only look good but also smell good.

  • Delivery or pick up on time

You also do not have to wait long every time you book a car to get to your destination. We will deliver the rental car to you and will arrive on time.

  • Good feedback

Agtran will give you the best rental deals in Kuantan. Desire to see more of our customer feedback? You can visit this page  Review | Agtran.

Interested in renting an MPV rental car with us?

You can deal with us for the MPV car booking process in Kuantan and contact us at Whatsapp | Agtran / +60189890800 or continue to book online through this website which operates 24 hours. We can guarantee you for fun and safe travel. 

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