Kuantan Monthly Car Rental 2020

Kuantan Monthly Car Rental 2020

Do you have a job in Kuantan and will be staying there temporarily? Looking for a car rental while in Kuantan? And need a rental car for a month? A car is a daily necessity to make it easier for you to move. You are free to move as long as you are there without having to ride e-hailing service which can save you a lot of time.

Kuantan monthly car rental 2020 provides car rental services that can be rented according to customer requirements. You can rent from a day, a week or even a month! Interestingly, the rental price is negotiable when you rent with us longer.

If you are going to Kuantan and looking for a rental car, do not hesitate to use our service. Agtran is a trusted rental car supplier because it is committed to providing top-notch service to customers. You can see the review here Review | Agtran from our previous customers.

Advantages of renting a car with Agtran – The price is cheaper if the rental is longer

  • The car is well maintained on a scheduled basis
  • Tip top service
  • Clean car inside out
  • Various car rental options and new car
  • No hidden charges
  • Various exciting promotions especially during the school holidays, public holidays and festive seasons.

Kuantan Monthly Car Rental 2020

Car rental price list

The rental cars we provide are compact cars, sedans and MPVs consisting of viva, axia, myvi, bezza, saga, alza and alphard cars. In addition we also provide van and bus rental to our customers. Here is a price list to make it easier for you to make a “survey” before booking with us. You can also click the link HERE for more info.

Car Model Price (RM)    
  Daily Half Day Per Hour
Viva Auto 1.0 RM115 RM75 RM10
Axia Auto 1.0 RM125 RM85 RM10
Myvi Auto 1.3 RM135 RM85 RM10
Saga FLX Auto 1.3 RM160 RM110 RM12
Bezza Auto 1.3 X RM155 RM110 RM12
Alza Auto 1.5 RM205 RM125 RM12
Alphard Auto 2.4 (V) RM700 RM400 RM35
Velfire Auto 2.5 RM800 RM400 RM50
Van (10 Seater) – Manual RM400
Van (14 Seater) – Manual RM500
Bas (40 Seater) RM1500

How to book a rental car with us

You can choose to book rental car with us online or offline.

Visit our website at to book online. Online payment can also be made directly if you make an online booking.

If you are more inclined to connect and communicate with us personally, you can whatsapp and call at the link listed:

Whatsapp: Whatsapp | Agtran
Call us: +60189890800

Follow our Facebook for various info on rental cars and our company on Facebook | Agtran

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