Preparation Before Starting Your Journey

Choosing to drive on a road trip to a destination of your choice is definitely fun. Although feeling tired due to traveling for long distances, may be stuck in traffic jams, increased expenses to cover the cost of fuel, tolls and vehicle maintenance, but the memories engraved throughout the journey can be a wonderful memory in our lives. For those who are about to start the journey by driving, we would like to share a little guide for you. The main thing we want to emphasize is ‘Please practice prudent, careful driving on the road. Remember your loved ones. ‘

First and foremost is the preparation before embarking on a journey. Please inspect your vehicle at a trusted vehicle service center. Check the condition of vehicle tires, engine oil, batteries and battery water, air conditioning and so on. Make sure your vehicle is well maintained and safe to drive. Also, do not forget to check storage tires and make sure you bring battery water, engine oil, emergency first aid kits, small fire extinguishers and related equipment if needed during an emergency. Also make sure the headlights, brake lights and traffic lights are working properly. Furthermore, you should make sure you get enough rest before embarking on a long journey. Driving in a drowsy and tired state is dangerous.

Next, you need to make sure to also check the resting location including the petrol station along the way so that there is no confusion later on. As many people flock to their hometowns during the holidays, you are advised to plan your trip so as not to get stuck in the traffic jams that often occur on major highways, especially during the festive season. If necessary, you can use GPS, Waze, Google Maps or related applications to plan your trip. Such an application can help you find alternative routes if the road you are accustomed to is congested or damaged. As a precautionary measure, please make sure you also keep important numbers in case of any emergency while driving. Includes the phone number of the immediate family, the nearest police station and also a trusted mechanic.

In addition, we will share some safety tips while traveling. First of all, set the speed according to the current traffic conditions. Avoid driving slowly in the right lane, cut off from the left lane and use the emergency lane. Practice mutual tolerance, tolerance and consideration among road users. Use a traffic light on your car if you want to overtake another vehicle or change lanes. Follow the signs that guide the driving such as knowing the area at risk of accidents, cross winds and so on. If it is a rainy day or the weather is dark, be sure to install the headlights instead of using hazard lights. Slow down the vehicle if your visibility is limited. Avoid speeding. Keep an eye on your driving distance. Never follow the vehicle in front too close as it can cause repercussions especially if it brakes suddenly or enters a junction abruptly. Make sure you and the passengers are wearing seat belts. Always focus on driving. Never use a cell phone while driving. If there is an incoming call or an outgoing call, you are advised to use a hands-free kit or Bluetooth facility that can be connected directly to your vehicle.

Finally, drive more carefully during the festive season or school holidays as there are many vehicles on the road at this time. We hope you reach your destination safely.

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