The Importance Of Installing A ‘Dash cam’ In Your Car

Lately, we can see that many people decide on installing a ‘dash cam’ in their private vehicles. The installation of the Dashboard Camera or so-called ‘dash cam’ can be said to be important and useful for recording our daily trips and the incidents that happen on the road. There is no denying that nowadays, there are many drivers who do not follow proper ethics as a driver and road user. Therefore, the ‘dash cam’ is very useful to the public for security purposes and is used as evidence in the event of any accident. So, here we would like to share with you all about some of the importance of installing a ‘dash cam’ in your own vehicle.


First of all, the importance of this ‘dash cam’ is to be used as an evidence in the future. We will never be able to predict what will happen in the future. Imagine if you were involved in an accident but you were blamed even though you were sure it was the fault of another road user. You cannot uphold the truth without any evidence to show to the authorities as well as others. When there is a ‘dash cam’ in your car, the footage of an incident that has happened can be used as evidence for you to defend yourself in the future. The use of this ‘dash cam’ can help you in solving problems that you will face in the future. Therefore, the use of ‘dash cam’ can help you record every incident that happens on the road.


In addition, the use of a ‘dash cam’ is also very important for you to comply with the rules of the road. Of course, you will think first before breaking the rules of the road when knowing that your vehicle is fitted with a ‘dash cam’. All your behavior on the road along the journey will also be recorded by the ‘dash cam’ and it will be as an evidence if something ever happens while you are driving. If each driver installs a ‘dash cam’ on their respective vehicles, then there would be a possibility that road accidents or violation of road rules in the country can be reduced. This is because they will be afraid to break any rules when every behavior on the road is recorded. Therefore, compliance with road rules can be improved with the use of this ‘dash cam’.


However, you should make a wise choice when buying a ‘dash cam’. This is because, each ‘dash cam’ has a different quality. The main thing you need to pay attention to is the LCD display on the ‘dash cam’. This ‘Dash cam’ equipped with LCD display can always make it easier for the driver to determine the direction of the recording. Furthermore, the driver can view the recording regardless of the time through the LCD display without the help of a computer screen. Next, you should select a ‘dash cam’ that has GPS functionality. The GPS on this ‘dash cam’ works to automatically record your location and speed while the video is being recorded. Finally, you should select a ‘dash cam’ that can start recording automatically. On the market, there are ‘dash cam’ models that will automatically turn on when the vehicle engine is turned on and will stop recording automatically after the engine is turned off. This will make it easier for the driver as there is no need to bother turning on the ‘dash cam’ before starting the drive.


In conclusion, the use of ‘dash cam’ is not legally wrong if you do not use the footage for prohibited matters. There are many functions and importance of ‘dash cam’ to the public and we as a community should be more sensitive to current technology for our own convenience in the future.

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