COVID-19 Guidelines

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AGTRAN Covid-19 Guidelines

With the evolving global impact of COVID-19, we understand the concerns about your travel plans and your desire to cancel or postpone your booking. We work with our property partners to secure free cancellation whenever possible, to give you the best option. If you need to change your order or want to know if your order is eligible for free cancellation, the quickest way is to access the "My Orders" section of the Agtran website or app (instructions below).


Operating Hours: Customer Attendance Time: Car Passenger Capacity:
8.00 am to 10.00 pm 8.00 am to 10.00 pm Full vehicle capacity (fully vaccinated)

Action Rules

  • Must wear a mask at all times.
  • Scan the QR code (MySejahtera) provided before entering the vehicle or manually by writing your name and phone number.
  • Only passengers that have no symptoms are allowed to use the service.
  • Customers/Driver are in good health.
  • Full vehicle capacity
  • Always keep your distance & reduce interactions
  • Payment is only made by e-payment method.
  • Payment can be made via Online Banking or Debit/Credit Card.
  • Customers/Driver are required to scan the QR code (MySejahtera) before they start driving.
  • Customers/Driver can manually write a name and phone number in the book provided (if there is no internet coverage)

Customers and drivers are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after picking up/dropping off passengers or getting on/off vehicle passengers,

  • Customers and drivers are required to wear masks while in the vehicle.
  • Masks are used according to standards.

Only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed using the service.

  • Customers and drivers are encouraged to check body temperature before and after picking up/dropping off or getting on/off the vehicle.
  • Body temperature is not more than 37.5°C.

Customer Requirements To Use Our Services

In order to ensure that customers remain safe in using our services, we instruct several things that must be implemented by customers, namely:

  • Make sure you use the Face Mask according to the standard
  • Maximum passenger capacity is according to vehicle capacity (Subject to change at any time according to the standard passenger capacity of the local authority)
  • Always wash your hands using Hand Sanitizer before and after picking up/dropping off passengers or getting on/off the vehicle.
  • Make sure you use the Face Mask according to the standard
  • Scan QR Code MySejahtera
  • Only fully vaccinated

Hygiene Standards in Agtran

AGTRAN will always prioritize your hygiene and comfort whenever you're using our services, in accordance with the National Security Council's hygiene standards, in order to reduce the transmission of the virus during the Covid-19 outbreak by doing numerous actions, including:

  • Ensure that the vehicle used is always clean such as the interior such as seats, steering wheels, door handles, and other hard surfaces so that they are ready for use
  • AGTRAN will always comply with hygiene standards and health protocols implemented by local authorities.
  • All vehicles on AGTRAN will always be disinfected before and after the vehicle is used.
  • Instructing AGTRAN Employees / Agents who deal directly with Customers to always comply with health protocols.

Reservation Flexibility

AGTRAN provides flexible services in making reservations so that your travel plans using our services will be comfortable and under control. AGTRAN will always provide the best commitment for customers who use our services. In addition, if necessary, you can change or cancel your reservation anytime and anywhere in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply in AGTRAN. For terms & conditions you can see on the following page.